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(Sampurn Wire):  Colors’ popular show ‘Balika Vadhu’ was losing its charm after the five year leap so the makers were trying to give every possible twist and turns to regain the lost TRPs. Now, the latest twist is that a new girl has entered Jagiya’s life which will make life hell for Anandi.

Anjum Farooki of ‘Aapki Antara’ fame will play the new girl ‘Gauri’, who is a very well-educated and charming character. Jagiya has met the girl on a bus top on his way to Jaipur and they develop a friendly relation. This will bring a rocky patch in the happy relationship of Anandi and Jagiya.

There is a report that Jagiya will eventually fall in love with ‘Gauri’, who hails from a small town. She will also take admission in the same medical college, where Jagiya is going to study medicine. The duo will fall for each other creating havoc for Anandi.

A source from the show was quoted saying that Gauri is a simple and sweet girl, who meets Jagiya on their way to the medical college, where both will pursue a course in medicine. Gauri’s character will be quite different from Anandi, who is not educated enough, source added.

There is also a buzz that Gauri will turn negative sooner or later. However, Anjum did not comment on this.

So, what will be Anandi’s reaction when she comes to know that her husband is attracted to another girl? Will she try to bring him back to her life or will she try to compete with Gauri? You will have to watch the show on Colors to know the track.

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13 Responses to Balika Vadhu: New Girl In Jagiya’s Life

  • aishwarya from says:

    hi please dont break anadi and jagdish relationship…… as pair is awsome……i like their pair……please dont break……let gauri and jagdish be friendly…..

  • nisha from says:

    in future…….. Gauri wahi ladki ho shakti hai jiski shadhi Jagiya se hue thi……..

    jiski vajah se maha panchyat hue thi……

  • anshu from says:

    i m sure gauri is only gudia to take revenge from dadisa but don,t break anandi ,s love.make her educated n smarter than jagya who is prodigal bigdale person

  • your mom is a whore from says:

    gauri jagya and anandi should have a three some

  • neha from says:

    gauri is good better than anandi………..i want gauri and jagdish to live together…………………the loook perfect together

  • swati from says:

    I am glad to know, that people too think that gauri is same gudiya, who leaves Jagya’s home furiously; half married to Jagya!

  • Unknown from says:

    I use to like there pair(Anandi and Jagya) but, I hate jagya now, the way he created scene in railway station, we was unable to leave gauri at train station, after this, I don’t want Anandi and jagya together

    Anandi should continue her studies and should become independent. she should join in same medical college where jagya is studying and become his junior and should become brighter than anyone in the college, everyone should appreciate her.

  • shweta from says:

    i think gauri is the same girl who got married to jagya in childhood which was done by dadisa

  • neha from says:

    I think when gauri will come to know that jagiya is the person with whom she got married in childhood and he is already married with anandi.I think gauri should leave him and take a revenge from him and his family.and jagiya should not be accepted neither by gauri nor by he is the culprit for both(anandi and gauri).this revenge can be exciting when gauri and anandi both will come together to teach jagiya a lesson.apart from this it will be a lesson for those men who go for an extra marital should be taught through this serial that such kind of men doesnt stand anywhere.

    hope balika vadhu team would be able to show an effective lesson through this medium..
    Lets see ..what happens ?

  • neha from says:

    Gauri should not accept jagiya after knowing that he is already married.and anandi should go to mumbai for higher studies ,adopt mumbai’s lifestyle and get more fame than jagiya.and then she should start an fake affair to show jagiya and make him jealous which can help anandi to get her husband back.Being a girl,after knowing truth gauri should give support to anandi to get her husband back.this will solve issues of both(gauri and anandi).gauri would be able to take revenge and anandi will get her husband far as i know,no girl would be willing to get married with the person who is not trustworthy and who is playing with two Gauri should come up with
    a meaningful it all relies on gauri..what message she gives to our society..hope gauri will understand anandi’s feelings.!!!!

  • neha from says:

    anandi should go to mumbai for higher studies , adopt mumbai’s lifestyle and get more fame than jagiya.she should start a fake affair to show jagiya and make him jealous that she is in no way less than him in any terms.apart from this, gauri should not acccept jagiya after knowing that he has played with the emotions of two girls and come up with a strong revenge .she should support anandi in this will serve both purpose.anandi would be able to get her husband back and gauri would teach him a relies on gauri now…how she moves the things-will jagiya’s fake love will make her blind or she will fight against the right of woman?

  • shreya from says:

    gauri should not accept jagiya after knowing that he is already married .she should come up with a revenge for hurting her two times in her life by the same family.anandi should go to mumbai for higher studies,adopt new city’s lifestyle and get more fame than jagiya.she should also start a fake affair to show jagiya that she is in no way less than him in any terms and make him jealous which will deprive her attention from gauri.gauri and anandi should come together to teach jagiya a will serve two purpose gauri would be able to take revenge and anandi can get her husband back.
    it all relies on gauri now..hope this intelligent girl will come up with a meaningful lesson

  • Shruthi from says:

    Jagdish and Gowri are Cute pair…. i like the couple very much… please dont break his relationship

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