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Balika Vadhu [Episode 1000] – 14th May 2012 Video Watch Online – Part 7

Balika Vadhu [Episode 1000] – 14th May 2012 Video Watch Online – Part 7

Part 7

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Balika Vadhu [Episode 1000] – 14th May 2012 Video Watch Online pt7

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Balika Vadhu [Episode 1000] – 14th May 2012 Video Watch Online pt7

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6 Responses to Balika Vadhu [Episode 1000] – 14th May 2012 Video Watch Online – Part 7

  • p from Winchester, IN, United States says:

    It is nice to see anandi growing into a strong independent person. finally the write decided to give her character a growth spurt. but Anandi’s success is not her alone it is for a huge part because of her wealthy in laws Anandi would have been in a much different condition if she did not have the support and influence of her wealthy in laws it is not even a question of argument. nonetheless it is really nice to see anandi behave normally and graduate from her tears. but it is frustrating to see why Gauri has not suffered any consequences so far. jagiya has suffred a lot and will suffer a lot but gauri she has everything going 4 her this is wrong. And jagiya is showing no remorse at all. and new hero is good better looking than jagiya . a gr8 dramatic episode. why women is always shown needing a saviour… funny. it is

  • gm from Redmond, WA, United States says:

    Anandi’s knight is shining armour sivraj shekhar is it?? typical…coming and saving ehr and a horse is the scene..
    anyway..good episode to see anandi growing into a fine independent woman..
    i dunno when gauri will realize her mistakes..and that dumbass jagya too..

  • sam from London, London, United Kingdom says:

    really a knight in shining armour… a typical fairy tale … why cant the director make her story and life appear real ? Anyway, happy that the wax doll at least now will get out of that hell haveli…. taking her equal share in the property of course. Learn from her how to silently have her cake and eat it too !

  • rekha from Shawnee, KS, United States says:

    good bollywood episode complete with bodybuilder hero , horse , damsel in distress . Bhairo had a ton of makeup on .
    Several sathins go walking to rajasthani villages to spread education and awareness , no
    puraskar for them , one poor sathin was raped for trying to prevent child marriage .
    Though a bogus episode , it was still better than seeing Anandi grovelling at her joker husbands feet .

  • Nassera from Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates says:

    Finely on track, the new hero is much better looking than Jagya and too good looking for “Anandi”……….but am disappointed from the way they showed his entry it was more like the obsolete Hindi movies style which is no longer existing… ……….. The entry seen should have been treated with more maturity than this … a classical fairytale ….. girl, horse, hero and the villagers but they missed Takkur and Gaber !!!, however am happy that they didn’t show him saving her from snake and sucking her blood and show her tying his hand with a piece of her clothes along with the five minutes staring seen hehehehehe ……………now am waiting to see Jagya weak up from his daydream and realize that his wife and love of his life is gone with wind………………….. and seeing him singing Altaf Raja Song “Pehle to kabi kabi gham Tha “ as expected …………its getting tooooooooooo filmy this time.

  • ritu from Bangalore, Karnātaka, India says:

    how can people take a positively shown character to be negative assuming vague things out of their good for nothing brain.. anandi was never shown running after money, planning revenge over someone, talking shit about others, behaving cunning n selfish, infact all these quality were shown in gauri n not anandi.. but still some feel that anadi is a slow snatcher n that she’ll take her share no matter what.. keep thinking..i can only say ” AB TUMHARA KUCH NAHI HO SAKTA COZ UR BRAIN IS A TOTAL ROT”. ur brain cells have totally lost their ability to function!

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