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Balika Vadhu 8th July 2011 Part 4 Full Episode Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu 8th July 2011 Part 4 Full Episode Balika Vadhu


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12 Responses to Balika Vadhu 8th July 2011 Part 4 Full Episode Balika Vadhu

  • R from Winchester, IN, United States says:

    jagiya should be with anandi because she is his wife because she has loved him for 16 years ; because she has stood by him for ever not because she is better as a person. gauri and anandi have no comparison and competition gauri is no one in jagiya ‘s life she is not his wife and she never was and she does not have any right in that house or in the lives of the people who live in that house. and that old lady giving her recognition as bahu and giving her all the rights of a bahu it is wrong ; she has no rights all she is doing is she is claiming right to things which are not hers. and nobody seems to making her realize that that is sucking.

  • Mv from Bangalore, Karnātaka, India says:

    Why is it that in the Indian society, only such women are glorified, who are completely submissive to their husbands and their families, who don’t say a word even when they are being humiliated and bear all the pain in silence? Anandi is the protagonist of this show. I don’t think they should show her accepting all of jagdish’s wrongdoings and still loving him and claiming that he is her life and longing for his tyranny over her life and decisions. Instead, They should portray her as a strong independent woman who asserts her rights and demands the respect that is due to her. Gauri’s basis for justification is wrong… But atleast she has a say in her marital life and her husbands house! She is not an object or a possession… She is an equal… Look at sumitra… Whatever happens in the household, she just stands there grinding her teeth, scared of even shaking her head in disagreement. Now even anandi is becoming like that. By portraying gauri as a negative character, they are trying to prove that a woman who asserts herself and refuses to be just a servant to her husband is a criminal. And those who silently accept all the ill-treatment meted out to them are good wifes

  • nick from Guna, Madhya Pradesh, India says:

    MV JI THE POINT IS NOT COMPARISON OR ANANDI IS MAHAN_but the thing is that anandi always supported him but when she needed his help to study further when she passed 10th class top he was jealous and opposed her studies and asked to be good bendhini and on one side humilated her that she is illetrate. then he ditched her for 5 yaears had she known this she should have started studyin 5 yrs early so now everything is gone and fighting like gauri will not get her anything nor his family which is supporting bcz she is right not dumb not selfish not liar she is true innocent

  • R from Winchester, IN, United States says:

    hey MV i could not agree more with u . I am so glad that u raised the point how submissive women are glorified in the Indian society.
    As far as jagiya getting money 4 studies is concerned ….he is getting what he wants when he wants ; he is not getting to face and adversity because of what he has done. if he does not get to suffer then he will never know that he is wrong. Giving him money is rewarding the wrong behavior.
    but it is a tv seriel they can show what ever they want no matter how wrong or illogical it is. but unfortunately is does cause an impact on the viewers.

  • ritu from Chorleywood, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom says:

    Mr. MV.. I DO NOT AGREE WITH U TO A CERTAIN EXTEND.. coz here whatever u have said is in support of gauri or is with an example of gauri which is totally wrong… it is not always necessary that u get whatever u want in life by throwing tantrums or fighting or screaming bad.. and esp.. not in case like that of gauri.. coz that character is wrong to its depth and roots and for most SHE IS NOT A LEGAL WIFE TO JAGYA THEREFORE SHE HAS NO RIGHTS TO FORCE HERSELF IN ANYWAY INTO THE FAMILY.. but yes a woman has all the rights to stand up and speak and fight for her rights and not behave like anandi.. but yes fight for only those rights which are true and deserving and not like what gauri is doing.. making caos out of everybody’s life.. turning it into hell..

  • nalini from Aurora, IL, United States says:

    I am loving the serial. I love the way Daadisaa is behaving. She passed sarcastic notes on Gauri too saying that other women keep sitting in their rooms rather than working and cooking etc.

    @MV : I think Gauri’s assertion is totally in self interest. She is seeing everything from her point of view, she is less considerate. cant she understand what anandi would be going through when she sees Gauri snatching her husband from her infront of her eyes. If the same happens to her she gets aggressive. That is not being educated and assertive! Women are and shud be more understanding and graceful. Haath pair patak kar zoor zoor se chilla kar baat sabit karna is wrong and ungraceful. And so her portrayal as a negative character is right! if she was called a negative character before she left Mumbai, I would not have agreed.

  • Geet from Houston, TX, United States says:

    Someone is penning this serial very intelligently. Very Altruistic portray of life and if this type of maturity is adapted in the real illusionary life that we live this World could be a much better place than it is today.
    I really commend the scripter who is working with this serial. Sumitra’s behaviour is nothing but patience and she is showing her toughness in a silent manner. All through out the serial she has shown a very mature character and her acting is just awesome.

  • Mv from Bangalore, Karnātaka, India says:

    How can we define preconceived notions about how women should behave? Why can’t they just behave like how they want? We never lay down rules that men should be like this or that… Such rules and expectations just widen the gender gap… And I’m not supporting guari or saying that the decisions she made are right in anyway. I accept that she is being selfish. And by assertion, I don’t mean her screaming her head off at the villagers and the family members… But as a feminist, I say that women should never accept humiliation and submission the way anandi and sumitra do. that is the only hope for empowerment of women in India. I’m not trying to pass judgements on the characters in this serial. I’m just trying to raise a broader social issue here. Try to think about this without the prejudices against the characters in mind.

  • shreya from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India says:

    anandi is bearing and suffering and still getting consistent bcoz her family totally is supporting ,she is getting stronger accepting that where there is no love u can’t demand and the day jagya will come back she will definately teach him or leave him to understand the cocept of marriage i wait for this moment when she will jagya for good cause to realise what she suffered in life this willdevelop love.when we have something we don’t care but when we loose that thing we cry sure jagya will be looser then he’ll care for relations

  • geeta from Houston, TX, United States says:

    Mv, We cannot define any ones behaviour. Men or Women both behave as they want. Depending on individual maturity and mindset their actions appear rational, submissive or aggressive. It is still individual relative. At this point in the story Anandi or sumitra cannot do anything about the legal marraige that has taken place and yet they are not running away from the situation. Sumitra is asking the same valid questions as you to Anandi. and anandi’s answer is that this is not jagya and she will wait for the real jagya to come back…….. that is a very mature behaviour. I am very eager to see how she tackles the money part for Jagya.

  • R from Winchester, IN, United States says:

    when a husband cheats on his wife ; betrays her trust ; lies to her and eventually marries another women and wife says “oh he is not my real husband he is some one else and I will wait untill the real husband comes back.” This is called “DENIAL”
    a defense mechanism of brain when something is toooooooooo hard to accept or u cant do anything about ur brain puts u in denial. that is what majority of indian women do they deny. husband humiliates them and they say oh he is just upset but he is a good guy . mother in law throws them out of house “oh she is just strict but she is nice ” and on and on and on.

  • jack from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India says:

    jagya is a man of stupid confused personality which anandi understands but he married and lived with gauri there that is disgusting to bear for anyone this thing every viewer is feeling is being shown wrong and still he is being not punished still she loves him that is humilating for anyone .this man never agrees that he was wrong he just excuses that it was not his fault

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