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Balika Vadhu 2nd December 2009 Watch Full Episode Online

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

25 Responses to Balika Vadhu 2nd December 2009 Watch Full Episode Online

  • Zahid from Oakleigh East, Victoria, Australia says:

    upload fast plzzzzzzz

  • ABHISHEK BACHAN from Ludhiana, Punjab, India says:


  • kaya from Richmond, IN, United States says:

    u can see it on youtube ….. all the parts have been uoloaded…

  • kavitha from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload fast

  • Mona from Sebring, FL, United States says:

    damn i cant wait till tomm, i think vasant r atleast gehna should slap ma sa for saying to b his DAI MA?!? how could she?!?! WITCH ND A HALF

  • Aniket from Delhi, Delhi, India says:

    Dadisa is a piece of work isn’t she? Diwali aur holi me alag, ha ha ha.

  • Kiran from Kochi, Kerala, India says:

    Can someone Slap Dadisa….I want to c dat scene ….enough is enough….

  • liya from Romford, Havering, United Kingdom says:

    fault is there on the side of gahana too, she shouldn’t do anything like that.. if her own father did so.. then will she do the same…??? ab dhadi saa or gahana… dhonom barabar hogaya…

  • liya from Romford, Havering, United Kingdom says:

    Aniket…, I like your comment…..!!!

  • suman from Cranfield, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom says:

    fault is first from gahana…why she is leaving her child and house just because of dadisa.then fault is from dadi

  • priyanka from Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile says:

    when she asked sumitra to ask gehna to stay back , i believed masa has “sudhroed”..but that wont be the case ever i believe….

  • Harjinder Pabla from San Francisco, CA, United States says:

    gehna did a very goooooooood job

  • kaya from Richmond, IN, United States says:

    mona i sooooooooooooooooooooo agree with you….

    how could that old women say all that ….lets see how every one around her (gehna )reacts on what ma sa is doing
    lets hope some thing constructive and enriching and enlightning comes out of this situation ….

  • Spoorti Prashant from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia says:

    yes d fault is on side of gehna, dey r showing her too much, first of all her father commited a mistake, even after telling her it was all d matter of anger, gehna is not ready to forget.., thousands of such words comes between family members but it doesnt mean dat we should break all relationships, compromising n forgiving makes a successful family., n dis entire soap gehna never ever asked sorry atleast once to dadisa being elder, i knw gehna dint do antything wrong to ask sorry but she never showed respect as wel,. n yes Lia, now dadi aur gehna dono ka barabar ho gaya..

  • Neetu from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia says:

    shit man dai sa is a master piece. my gooooooodddddddddd

  • Neetu from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia says:

    sry it’s dadi sa hfffffffffffff…..

  • Rupa from Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates says:

    Dadi Sa……… god women had been so cheap also…no doubt a wonderful acting…..but how low a women can fall..being a mother and plaing with mother’s emotions…

  • ronak from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia says:

    it’s not about mother’s emotions, it’s all about money,

    dadisa think i have money i can buy any thing

  • Vijay from New Delhi, Delhi, India says:

    Next, I think Vasant will come forward and fight with Dadisa against her comment and Bharon too.

  • Manaram from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India says:

    ab tak ka Sabse achchha part ……… lage raho…..

  • sandhya from India says:

    spoorti r u married? there is not mistake at gehna’s end then why would she say sorry? if she says so she will be taken for granted… so don’t . & dadisa acted well but there are people like her, i have one at home.

  • neha from Darwen, Lancashire, United Kingdom says:

    wow…dadisa…what arespect u have shown towards ur bahu….a naukrani…a dai…wahh…basant leave this damn house and go to live in difrnt place…

  • Smriti Somani from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India says:

    dadisa is like any typical woman who believes that a man is born to rule and a woman is born to obey;incourse of it her sufferings arejust normal things which are going to come her way.Why do these people don’t think that for social upliftment it is necessary that a woman’s importance is recognised.WHHHHHYYYY awoman suffers the most at the hands of a woman.

  • Rashmi from Malmö, Skåne Län, Sweden says:

    Gehna should leave the house.This will be a lesson for dadisa who believes that she can treat anyone like shit.Just because dadisa is elder ,doesnot mean that she can have her way always.How much she has hurted the feelings of the youngsters causing mental agony to them.How can all that be forgotten?

  • chhanda from West Covina, CA, United States says:

    seeing this story i feel like our desh is so backward,lot of people wake up and smell the chai.I know lot of them live in big city and big house with lot of money but no education,although some of them have higher edu. but they dare to speak to thier elders.Dhanyabad

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