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Balika Vadhu 1st October 2009 Watch Full Episode Online

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9 Responses to Balika Vadhu 1st October 2009 Watch Full Episode Online

  • Dhruva from Rajkot, Gujarāt, India says:

    very good………….

  • RDV from Hillsboro, OR, United States says:

    definietly the best daily soap ever made…
    I have a suggestion, wrt Anandi and her parents, something positive should be shown, like her education should recourse them.
    Whats going on now shows that money is power, if you have money you can do anything, good or bad. If you dont have money, whatever whatall you have will also go away.. there are more bad ppl, but there are some good Samaritans also…please provide positive influence on ppl…

  • geeta from Houston, TX, United States says:

    keep this serial to a point where there is human evolution to a hight power than the petty mind that plays with emotions to gain anything that the the mind wished without analysin right from wrong.
    This story has shown some poverty but please keep it to philosophical content rather than the daily problems that India is already aware of.

  • Sumita from Fairfield, CA, United States says:

    This is an excellent serial, so far it has been rather realistic, but these days with Anandi and her family and the Zamindar it sure is getting very convoluted.
    Please leave the serial as it was. So far the serial was a pleasure to watch and it was dealing very well with the social issues without them being on your face but now, it is getting stressful to watch the serial.
    Don’t follow suit of other serials where the protagonist is always in distress and crying.

  • Anandi has such a spunky personality and she is so intelligent. Too bad it is all getting crushed under misery and poverty. The stupid sahukar is going to use them as chess game. This serial is becoming little fake like other serials and is started to get on my nerves.

  • sachien from Mumbai, Mahārāshtra, India says:

    The serial is excellant for powerful acting, but there are series of blunders. God knows for the women who are preganant since long long time, when they are due.

    Dadisha is a selfish and unkind old woman and yet she is respected by her family and villagers too!!!. We have heard that in villages, only kind people are respected.

    The family of Anandi, looking well settled, leave home with a suitcase and murti of God and the man is in injured condition !!! unbelivable.

    Now what happend to the school examination? What is Bhaiav sinh is doing? Having a mobile with him and yet he has no knowledge that Anandi is thrown out of home by dadisha.

    The family celebrated Janmashtmi and Raksha bandhan and at that time the final examination in school was away for about one month ….!

    Also there are many blunders in the serials. The serial says that you can enjoy the life only if you are a villan.

  • jan from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India says:

    different…nice to watch once a while

  • AB from Delhi, Delhi, India says:

    Best situation with Anandi and her family showing the real social problem with farmers today, will be to show them commiting suicide. There are so many farmers commiting suicide nowadays.

    Both Anandi’s family and viewers of BalikaVadhu will be spared the torture this way.

    We have enough problems to deal with in our own lives. Spare us more.

  • dr chablani from Westborough, MA, United States says:

    good acting by all good dialogues good costumes keeps all glued to the extent the mistakes/deficiencies remain un-noticed. that lady sugna’s bidaai; but neither jagdish nor bhairon r seen.. where is jagdeesh?
    and why should bhairon be away for so long? When he gets news of visit of fatherinlaw of sugna, how s that he does not know that Anandi is thrown out since long? WILL THIS SERIAL ALSO END LIKE OTHERS? the problems of Anandi & her parents hav been stretched undully and this will not be liked.

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